Team Leader Meeting

Agenda for the Team Leader Meeting

Monday June 26th 17.00, Place: Conference room at Pirkkola

- Intro of key persons
- Opening hours of the pool (hours before and after)
- Tournament Jury (1 ref + 2 team reps) [each team have to give a name and mobile number at the meeting]
- Food at the pool
- Food at the hotel (dinner buffé)
- Transportation between the pool and the hotel
- shuttle bus time table

- reservations might be necessary, priority must be given to teams
that have a game sooner
- Opening and closing ceremony (when and where)
- Team pictures (when and where is taken)
- Accreditation (where and when, have to be always with every participant)
- Evening gala (where and price if someone hasn't ordered yet, also times for start and closing)
- Information if it's possible to go outside to backyard from pool level
- Place of pigeon boxes
- T-shirts (championships t-shirts for sale)
- Video recording [live, recordings will be available online]
- CMAS License check
- White/Blue pool side (blue left/white right from the protocol table
looking at the pool)
- Protocol table (team list, submit the list to protocol table 1/2 an hour before game starts)
- Ball selection (time, 1 ball per team)
- Team check (thorough only first game, after that random/if someone complains, number on arm if not visible, arm/leg protection in team
- Shower before getting into pool
- Where is First aid, oxy box situated