Pre-match protocol

Before each match the following timeframe and protocol will be followed:

30 min before match-start

o   Team list with all players and numbers before the first match and then just the substitutes/reserves before each game.

15 min before match-start: Check of players and equipment.

o   Full check of all player and equipment for the first match of the tournament and after that only visual check by referees.

10 min before match: Team and referee presentation.

o   Only first match for each team i.e match 1-4 if both 4 male & female teams.

7 min before match-start.

o   National anthem (optional).

3 min before match-start.

o   Exchange of federations pennants by captains (in the water).

2 min before match-start.

o   Available for teams battle cry.

1 min before match-start – deck referee calls for “1 minute”.

2-3 sec – deck referee asks teams if they are ready.

 0 min – Match-start!