Location and Accomodation

Tournamanent venue:

Name: Seinäjoen uimahalli (Seinäjoki swimming hall)
Street address: Kirkkotie 15
Postal code, town: 60200, Seinäjoki

Swimming hall is situated close to town centre. There are a few major hotels
which can arrange double and triple rooms for the participats and are a walk
distance away:
Sokos Hotel Vaakuna
Sokos Hotel Lakeus
Hotel Cumulus
Hotel Alma

All hotels mentioned above are within a walking distance from Seinäjoki railway station.

Getting to Seinäjoki

Flying to Helsinki: Seinäjoki is situated 350 km to north from Helsinki. There
are close to 20 daily connection from Helsinki to Seinäjoki by train. Recently
Helsinki airport got a rail route all the way to the air port. First a local train
from the air port to Tikkurila. At Tikkurila one has to aboard a long distance
train to Seinäjoki. In total this takes some 3 hours.
Flying to Vaasa: Vaasa has air connections to Stockholm and Copenhagen.
Seinäjoki is 1 hour taxi drive from Vaasa airport.
From Sweden to Finland by sea route: Either from Stockholm to Turku or from
Umeå to Vaasa.
From Turku harbor there is a train link to north via Turku main station. By car
it is 300 km / 3,5 hours drive.
From Vaasa harbor there is not direct train link, but there are taxis available
and it only takes less than 15 minutes from the harbour to Vaasa rail station.
From there it is a 1 hour train trip to Seinäjoki.
By car from Vaasa harbour to Seinäjoki it is 85 kilometers, 1 hour and 15
minutes drive.